It’s Time..TacoTech Time

It’s been a minute since you’ve heard from me…ok more than a minute but here I am, better than ever…well as well as one can be during quarantine.

One of my last events before lockdown was the 2020 T3 conference in San Diego. It was such a great time seeing all my favorite people in my favorite town. Announcements were made, drinks were had, and dancing was done. In between all the fun work was completed as well and during those work times this fun idea came up.

My good friend Johnny Sandquist of Three Crowns Marketing and I were sitting and chatting in between break outs on what we should have for lunch and joking that there was only one answer…Puestos and how we could build one epic fort in this hotel lobby, when the marketing queen herself Tina Powell came and snapped a picture of us. She then went onto post on social media stating she was excited to see what the two of us we coming up with. IMG_1823

When we all went home, the jokes started flying that the two of us should start a Podcast. I sent Johnny a “Hey I might be crazy but what if” text and here we are. TacoTech was created.

We’ve noticed that not many groups are talking about the importance of marketing and relationship management, which happen to be what the two of us are great at. We’ll be tackling these topics along with the sprinkling of our favorite trends in the FinTech space and of course our ratings of tacos…because tacos are life.

So come along for the ride, smash that follow button on Twitter . Have a topic you want us to tackle? Let us know, we don’t shy away from anything!



Published by toriehappe

I am a mom of a fun loving baseball loving son, a wife to an amazing husband and dog mom to a wild and adventurous lab. I wanted to start a platform where I can share my thoughts on all things FinTech, motherhood, and bad ass women.

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