LIFE Got Stacked

LIFE…what can I say, it’s busy, wild, never ending. I’ve been in so many places in the last few weeks I’ve lost count of the cities I’ve been to, hours sitting on an airplane, and miles logged in the car. As I keep being told, this is a season, settle in and enjoy. I’m trying but boy as fellow super hero boy mom Nina O’Neal states “The juggle is real”.

I had the opportunity to attend the much hyped and talked about Wealth/Stack event in Scottsdale, AZ. While I was living my best life riding around on golf carts, we were having a family issue at home that I felt torn and guilty for being gone for. My husband assured me I was in the right place and to keep up the great work I was putting in. Let me tell you, it was HARD. There were several times I thought I’m heading home, but I stuck it out and I’m so glad I did.

I know it’s been said time and time again but this event was hands down the event of the season. I’ve been around the block a few times for these industry events and this one stuck out for several reasons:

  1. They really took the “conference for advisors, by advisors” to heart. It was such a delightful experience to attend breakouts and key notes and not feel talked at. The audience was involved by having an interactive live question feed going where the presenters would answer, topics were chosen based on chatter in the wealth management ecosystem instead of pushing product down attendees throats.
  2. FEMALES….Y’all this was by far the best part about the conference to me. I’ve grown accustom to being one of a handful of women attending these events, so to see so many strong, smart and driven females at one place was refreshing. It was also refreshing to see the demographic of young people there. This industry is in for a real shift in the next several years when millennials start hitting their top income producing years and are looking to invest with like minded advisors.
  3. Innovation: Following a close 2nd for me was the tech demos. By giving each presenter just five minutes they all had to really hone in on what they were offering and get down to the nuts and bolts of what makes their technology stand out against the competitors.

I’ve said this to many people who have asked about my experience at Wealth/Stack and I will keep saying it, hands down this event will become the must attend advisor event of the year. Josh Brown and team have got the formula correct and I can’t wait for them to announce 2020.

Not to also be out done that week, I headed straight from the epic Vault party thrown by NaviPlan to an 18 hour…yes you read that correct…18 hours girls trip to Disneyland where is was capped off with a meal at the famous Club 33. I may have geeked out hard and taken so many photos that someone at one point thought there was a celebrity sighting in there.

I am trying to enjoy this season with pumpkin spice everything and upcoming travel galore. So cheers friends to conference season being in full swing. As mentioned its just a season so let’s settle in and enjoy it a little.



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I am a mom of a fun loving baseball loving son, a wife to an amazing husband and dog mom to a wild and adventurous lab. I wanted to start a platform where I can share my thoughts on all things FinTech, motherhood, and bad ass women.

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