Bad Ass Shoutout

As I mentioned I love to promote bad ass females. I don’t quite consider myself a bad ass (yet) unless you consider eating a pounds of gummy bears and drinking rose’ in mass consumption bad ass, so I am bound and determined to promote others. 

Although my first bad ass shoutout is not in FinTech, heck she’s not even on any social media, I’d like to introduce you all to my mom.

What I love is that my mom and I couldn’t be more different. She is introverted and soulful. I’m extroverted and bubbly. She has no idea about sports but tries to relate. She is a one bad ass mama jammer ER nurse, I cringe at the sight of blood and about pass out at the idea of vomit, but I think this is why our relationship is so open. If we don’t communicate we don’t understand each other.   

Why Is She A Bad Ass?

For one, she’s put up with me (ha). As any mother daughter relationship is, we have had our ups and downs. Fights, fallouts and cry sessions. As a teen she was not my favorite person. Even into my early 20’s I felt like I didn’t need her, but BOY was I wrong. I never really realized how much I’ve learned from her and take aways in life are from her guidance until I was moving onto more adult situations like marriage, kids, family drama. 

As I mentioned she is one hell of a bad ass in her career. She’s been an ER nurse for 20 years and has no plans to slow down and stop. She’s been through hell and back during her time in the emergency department but can never see her self doing anything else. On top of her career in the ER she saw a need in our community for hospice care for the homeless. She set out to change the stamina for these individuals that never had a voice before. When she came to me with this idea I didn’t get, I didn’t even know this was a problem TBH. She told me the devastating stories and I knew we had to something. 

With her grit and determination, within 6 months she tackled writing a proposal, presented to the board of trustees at her hospital and got this project approved and off the ground. Her hospital is now the 1st to offer this support in our county and is the standard others are using to set up their own homeless hospice care. To say I’m a proud daughter is an understatement. 

I could go on about her, but I think I’ll stop here. My words don’t do her justice. I’d like us all to take a page out of her book and if you see a need never stop and think you can’t make a difference. 



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I am a mom of a fun loving baseball loving son, a wife to an amazing husband and dog mom to a wild and adventurous lab. I wanted to start a platform where I can share my thoughts on all things FinTech, motherhood, and bad ass women.

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