This Is Me

I’ve been told I have a story, and that I should use my platform to feed the world my thoughts on #fintech and parenting. I’ve laughed at this for many years until recently. I’ve come to realize that there are many females in the finance and FinTech world trying to juggle work, kids, spouses and you can even toss in a family pet.

Here I am, wife to Kyle, mom to Paker, dog mom to Finn. We may look put together, but let me tell you our life is nothing short of a comedy of errors. On any given day the text messages between my husband and I (yes text who the heck has time to chat on the phone?!) is a well blended mash of finance talk, Parkers antics and what ever nonsense the dog has gotten into, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I’ve been plugging away in the finance world since I graduated from college in 2007. What a time to join right?! In my first year of real work life I experienced the largest financial crisis. Many times I thought to myself is this the space I want to be in, what in the world am I thinking, let’s just go back to the days of greek life and sleeping till noon. But as I dug in it was and my love for technology grew right along with it.

So come along for the ride. I can guarantee many laughs at my parenting blunders, my not so PC opinions of things happening in the FinTech space, and my general love to promote bad ass women (and dudes don’t worry).

Wanna chat HMU, I always enjoy fun banter mixed in with fun conversations.


Published by toriehappe

I am a mom of a fun loving baseball loving son, a wife to an amazing husband and dog mom to a wild and adventurous lab. I wanted to start a platform where I can share my thoughts on all things FinTech, motherhood, and bad ass women.

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